Highland Bull Live Video Call

Why not hire Mac the Highland Bull to attend your meeting - by doing so he also gets to eat his favourite apples. Imagine the surprise your guests, family or friends will have when a real live Highland Bull joins your video call. Zoom Highland Bulls, Zoom Goats, Zoom Donkeys and Zoom Pigs have become the latest internet sensation and what better way to spice up your video call than to hire a Bull for your Zoom call from the famous Northlands Farm of Miniature Animals. 

Mac is a four year old, one tonne Highland Bull who loves nothing more than chomping through grass and being hand fed apples - he gets so excited when he meets new people on the farm and often runs at full speed as he knows he might be in for some "beef nut" treats or some apples.

Helping Northlands Rescue Donkeys

At Northlands Farm we are raising funds for a new paddock for our rescue donkeys and so all the Animals at the farm have agreed to "chip in" by allowing you to meet them in your Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Webex calls. Your call will help us not only look after the rescue Donkeys and Miniature Pigs we have at the farm but will help us with our Donkey Paddock project 

What to expect

Your Zoom experience with one of our superstar cast of miniature animals will last 5 minutes during your video call. It's best to ensure you have everyone on the call when your furry friend dials in and so its best to choose a time after your call has started.

Northlands Farm Gallery.

For the latest photos of our wonderful cast of farm characters, why not take a look at our Instagram pages which you find by clicking here.

Donkey Zoom Call £9.99 

Everyone loves Donkeys and what better way to PIZAZZ up your Zoom call with a visit from Snowy or one of the Northlands team. 

Pygmy Goat Zoom Call £7.99

Internet Superstars, Oreo and Milo love nothing better than jumping on a Zoom Call to surprise your guests. Always so much fun for the everyone on the call.

Highland Bull Call £9.99

Imagine the surprise on your Zoom call when Mac the bull appears as one of your guests!!. An experience not to be missed.

Miniture Pig Zoom Call £9.99

What a better way to keep your zoom meeting Pigtacular with a visit from Penny, Piggles or Percy. They love nothing else than meeting new people. So much fun.

15 Minute Whistle-stop Farm Tour £29.99

An amazing experience for your guests. Meet ALL the animals and ride aboard a vintage tractor on this 15 minute silent whistle-stop tour. You and your guests won't be disappointed with all the farm fun in store on this tour.

30 Minute Complete Farm Tour £59.99

An incredible experience for your guests. Meet ALL the animals and ride aboard a vintage tractor on this 30 minute complete farm tour. On this tour, we are unmuted and will be answering all your guests questions along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

1). How do I book?

A - Simply decide which farm animal you'd like to turn up in your meeting, or which virtual tour you'd like and click Book now, Choose a date/time and then we'll ask you some questions about your event and your contact info. You then add payment details and then click "Schedule Event". We will send you a confirmation email.

2) Do I need my meeting link and password before I book.

A - Ideally its best if you set up your Zoom, Webex, Google Meets, Microsoft teams meeting first and then you can add all the information to your booking. If you don't have your meeting details, no problem, simply send them to mail@northlandsfarm.co.uk later.

3) Why can't I book in the evening?

A - The farm animals love to rest at night and when the sun goes down, it's time for them to chill out, have an evening snack and flick on the TV before bed. Well maybe not the TV but you know what we mean.

4) Why can't I book next month?

A - We can only take bookings 30 days in advance but if you do have a date in mind in the future, do bookmark our site and check back nearer the time.

5) Will the farm animal attendence disrupt our meeting?

A- Errrm, yes it probably will as your guests might be surprised to suddenly be rubbing shoulders with a Goat or a Donkey on the call but we do stay on mute throughout to ensure your meeting stays flowing.

6) What will everyones reactions be like?

A - Well in our experience you'll have people roaring with laughter. Some uncontrollably. You'll definitely be the person that made everyone's day.

7) It was an incredible experience and everyone loved it but how do I trump the goat experience?

A - Well, Mac our Highland Cow is probably the ultimate experience but don't wear red. We don't want a bull on the rampage (only kidding). For special occasions why not try one of our Virtual Farm Tours which are either 15 Minute (silent) or 30 Minute (Fully interactive with Q&A)

8) What are you raising funds for?

A- We rescue miniature pigs and donkeys and are currently raising funds for a new donkey paddock and donkey shelter. All our animals have agreed to "chip in and offer their zoom services" so give them a high five on the call if they behave.

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