Highland Cow Zoom Call

Why not hire a Highland Cow for zoom meetings - by doing so, Mac the Bull also gets to eat his favourite treats - APPLES. Imagine the surprise your guests, family or friends will have when a real live Bull joins your video call. Zoom Highland Cows are becoming a "must have" for fun video calls these days and will certainly liven up your meeting or special occasion and give it the pizazz you and your guests deserve. Hopefully nobody is wearing red as it might be a very lively call indeed (only kidding - Mac is really sweet and has grown up on a childrens farm)!!

About Mac the Bull

Mac the Highland Bull is four years old and loves mooching around in his field with his Alpaca and rescue Donkey friends. He weighs over a tonne but can be very lively and runs at a fair old pace. He gets very excited at breakfast time and  normally charges across the field to meet us.  

Mac told us that he is the worlds FIRST (and at the time of writing) ONLY Internet Zoom Highland Cow (well he hasn't found any others like him yet) and loves nothing better than to study you and your guests on the call. He promises not to go on the rampage during the call as long as we have the odd apple for him to munch on.

Helping Northlands Rescue Donkeys

At Northlands Farm we are raising funds for a new paddock for our rescue donkeys and so all the Animals at the farm (including Mac the Highland Bull) have agreed to "chip in" by allowing you to meet them in your Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Webex calls. Your call will help us not only look after the rescue Donkeys and rescue Miniature Pigs we have at the farm but will help us with our Donkey Paddock project.

What to expect when you Rent a Highland Cow for Zoom

Your Highland Cow Zoom Call experience with Mac the bull will last 5 minutes during your video call. It's best to ensure you have everyone on the call when Mac logs in and so it's best to choose a start time for this experience after your call has started.

Highland Bull Call £9.99

Imagine the surprise on your Zoom call when Mac the bull appears as one of your guests!!. An experience not to be missed.

Donkey Zoom Call £9.99 

Everyone loves Donkeys and what better way to PIZAZZ up your Zoom call with a visit from Snowy or one of the Northlands team. 

Pygmy Goat Zoom Call £7.99

Internet Superstars, Oreo and Milo love nothing better than jumping on a Zoom Call to surprise your guests. Always so much fun for the everyone on the call.

Miniture Pig Zoom Call £9.99

What a better way to keep your zoom meeting Pigtacular with a visit from Penny, Piggles or Percy. They love nothing else than meeting new people. So much fun.

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