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Dog friendly Cottages in Chichester

Northlands Farm is a dog and cat friendly self catering accommodation

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Dog friendly cottages in Chichester

Dog friendly cottages in Chichester

Are you on the hunt for a getaway that not only welcomes you but also embraces your four-legged companions with open arms? Look no further than Northlands Farm and Lakes, a slice of paradise nestled in the scenic beauty of Chichester. Our commitment to being pet-friendly is at the heart of our haven, promising a retreat that's equally delightful for both human and furry guests.

A Choice Beyond the Ordinary: Dog Friendly Cottages in Chichester

Select from a range of cozy options designed to cater to you and your animal family members. Whether it's the charming old farm cottage or the luxurious chalets exuding modernity, each abode is meticulously crafted to provide a comfortable and enjoyable retreat.

A Canine Utopia: Pet-Friendly Features

At Northlands Farm and Lakes, we understand that pets are family too. That's why our accommodations are thoughtfully furnished, ensuring a cute and cozy stay for your pets. Inside and outside, your furry companions will discover ample space to stretch their legs, play, and have a tail-wagging time. Dogs of all sizes are more than welcome; we embrace them with open arms. We do have farm animals around so in certain areas, dogs will need to be on the lead but just outside the gate, there is a huge area where they can run around.

The Farm, The Fun, and The Furry Friends: A Perfect Blend

Northlands Farm and Lakes not only offers a retreat for you but a paradise for your beloved pets. From the old farm cottage to our luxury chalets, every nook and cranny is designed with your canine companions in mind. It's more than accommodation; it's an experience tailored to cater to the needs of your four-legged family.

Wagging Tails and Whiskers—Experience Chichester with Furry Joy

In the realm of pet-friendly stays on scenic farms, Northlands Farm and it's Dog friendly Cottages stand out as the perfect choice. We delight in hosting visitors, both human and canine, and strive to provide an experience that tails are made of—filled with fun, relaxation, and cherished moments with your beloved pets. Come, experience a getaway where wagging tails and whiskers are as welcome as warm smiles.

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