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Pet friendly Accommodation in Chichester

Northlands Farm is a dog and cat friendly self catering accommodation

Dog Waving Paw

Pet friendly accommodation in Chichester

If you are looking for a pet friendly accommodation in Chichester then look no further than the animal friendly, Northlands Farm and Lakes. We provide accommodation in the old farm cottage or in our three luxury chalets, all of which have kitchenettes and en-suite facilities.

Pet friendly Accommodation Chichester

We love having visitors and there is plenty of space for all, including your four-legged friend! If you are looking for dog friendly accommodation on the farm, Northlands is the right choice for you.

Cute and Cosy Pet Friendly Accommodation Chichester on The Farm has been carefully designed and furnished to create the perfect space for our canine guests. Both inside and outside, there are plenty of areas for your dog to run around, explore and have fun in. We are more than happy to have dog visitors, we love all dogs large or small.

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